July 30, 2019

Jena Sophia: PSYCH-K® Facilitator - Nomadland Podcast Ep. 19

Jena Sophia is one of the leading PSYCH-K® facilitators in the world. PSYCH-K® is an extremely fast method of removing layers of subconscious programming that have created physical, mental, emotional, and or spiritual blocks (in as little as 1 session). Jena has impacted thousands of people through her 1-on-1 sessions and distant life-changing transformations. She is known for helping people change the way they think and break self-sabotaging beliefs in minutes so they can easily take actions to reach their individual goals- whether that be health, business, or relationships. Jena bridges science and spirituality into her work with over 15 years of healing and a background in science, she aims to change the paradigm of how we look at our mind-body-spirit connection. Additionally, Jena uses a combination of emotion code, shamanism, Reiki energy healing techniques and flower essence as part of her healing work. On this episode, Jena discusses her decade-long struggle with endometriosis, PCOS, anxiety, and depression and how she overcame all her conditions to reach optimal health again.

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